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An accurate method for judging whether the integrated circuit IC is working Overview of IC integrated circuits

2021-11-11 07:57:09

integrated circuit is a kind of micro electronic device or component. Using a certain process, interconnect the transistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, inductors and other components required in a circuit and their wiring together, make them on a small piece or several small pieces of semiconductor chips or dielectric substrates, and then package them in a tube shell to become a micro structure with the required circuit functions; All the components have formed a whole in structure, which makes electronic components move towards miniaturization, low power consumption and high reliability. It is represented in the circuit by the letter "ic" (also with the character symbol "n", etc.).


Integrated circuit, IC

Integrated circuit has the advantages of small size, light weight, few outgoing lines and welding points, long service life, high reliability, good performance, low cost and convenient for large-scale production. The assembly density of electronic equipment assembled with integrated circuits can be tens to thousands of times higher than that of transistors, and the stable working time of equipment can also be greatly improved.


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