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Smart agriculture

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Smart Agriculture

Intelligent greenhouse monitoring and control system -- achieving the goal

Intelligent greenhouse monitoring and control system -- design concept

The "agricultural intelligent greenhouse monitoring and control system" can monitor the environmental index in the greenhouse at any time, provide a precise cultivation environment for plants in the greenhouse, effectively improve the growth speed and quality, and increase the output value.


Intelligent greenhouse monitoring and control system - topology


Intelligent greenhouse monitoring and control system - main contents


Intelligent greenhouse monitoring and control system


Intelligent greenhouse monitoring and control system -- System introduction

In the greenhouse environment, a single greenhouse can measure temperature, humidity, air pressure, light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration, pH value, etc. through the "intelligent greenhouse monitoring and control system", and then through model analysis, automatically regulate the greenhouse environment, control irrigation and fertilization operations, so as to obtain good conditions for plant growth.

For agricultural parks with large greenhouses, the "intelligent greenhouse monitoring and control system" can also realize automatic information detection and control. With various wireless sensors, each wireless sensor can monitor various environmental parameters. The control terminal receives the data from the wireless sensor through the base station and stores it in the cloud. It can realize the centralized management and situation analysis and processing of all the real-time data information of the greenhouse, and display it to the users of each greenhouse in the form of intuitive charts and curves. At the same time, it can provide various audible and visual alarm information and SMS alarm information according to the needs of planting plants, so as to achieve centralized, simple, networked, and convenient remote management of the greenhouse.

In addition, the "intelligent greenhouse monitoring and control system" can monitor different stages of greenhouse production. At the stage when the greenhouse is ready to be put into production, by arranging various sensors in the greenhouse, we can analyze the environmental information inside the greenhouse in real time, so as to better select the varieties suitable for planting; In the production stage, the operator can remotely collect the temperature, humidity and other information in the greenhouse through the "computer" or "mobile phone" terminal to achieve fine management. After the product is harvested, the operator can also analyze the plant performance and environmental factors at different stages through the information collected in the cloud, and feed them back to the next round of production, so as to achieve more accurate management and obtain better products.

Internal circulation system

Ensure the temperature balance in the greenhouse;

Ensure the balance of relative humidity in the greenhouse;

Ensure the uniform distribution of CO2 in the greenhouse;

Reduce the air humidity and drop phenomenon;

Facilitate smooth air flow and more favorable crop growth;

Low energy consumption, no additional cost burden


Automatic fertilization irrigation system



Intelligent greenhouse monitoring and control system - function


Intelligent greenhouse monitoring and control system - characteristics

Wired sensors can be used for collection under convenient conditions, so the control is more reliable. The control parameters can be set through software.

Wireless detection sensors can be used for the parts that are far away and need no control, with good adaptability.

Personalized programming can be realized according to user requirements, which is easier to achieve in equipment maintenance.

Integrated design of acquisition and transmission, ultra-low power consumption, intelligent management and intelligent transmission. The transmission distance is far, and the wireless 485 transparent transmission protocol is adopted, so the anti-interference ability is stronger.

Real time monitoring of temperature, humidity, equipment status, energy consumption, etc., and real-time viewing of data changes

Multiple alarm mechanisms have online SMS and mobile APP alarm mechanisms to reduce operational risk

Fully detect the real-time data of current, voltage and temperature of operating equipment, master the operating status of equipment, timely data, early warning and early maintenance

Provide daily/weekly/monthly data analysis and data report export of equipment temperature, humidity and other data changes and curve analysis, equipment energy consumption analysis, equipment failure analysis, etc

Each user can be assigned the right to view and set each parameter of each device, so as to avoid economic losses caused by operational errors and increase of maintenance costs


Intelligent greenhouse monitoring and control system - product introduction

Temperature and humidity sensor

The temperature and humidity sensors are used to monitor the outdoor air temperature and humidity, indoor air temperature and humidity, surface temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, and can collect, analyze, calculate, control, store and send data.


Light sensor

The intensity of light in the greenhouse can be monitored and recorded through light sensors and photosensitive sensors, which can be directly connected to the relevant light supplement system, sun shading system and other equipment, and automatically open the relevant equipment when necessary. The relevant data is transmitted to the user monitoring terminal through wireless transmission technology.


Carbon dioxide sensor


Soil moisture sensor

The sensor has high airtightness. High density epoxy resin is used between the probe and the body for high temperature vacuum filling to largely prevent moisture from entering the body. The airtightness is good.



Water level measuring electrode level gauge

Multi position control, simple structure and convenient operation


Temperature and humidity detector

Industrial grade special analog output industrial grade imported chip with strong anti-interference performance

Industrial grade high hard aluminum alloy edge, industrial grade anti-interference and waterproof sensor

LED large screen display, stable performance and accurate monitoring


Switch transmitter


Plant longevity fill light


Intelligent greenhouse control box



Intelligent greenhouse monitoring and control system - display



1. The software interface is clear and beautiful. The data of each pump and various states can be gathered together at a glance

2. The system is clean, easy to operate and has clear instructions

3. The whole system has the signal alarm function, which can alarm in time in case of abnormality to avoid loss

4. The system can set parameters, remote control data and statistical report data

5. The system can remotely monitor environmental data parameters through the network to achieve unattended and reduce costs

6. The system has a hierarchical management module, which can make data security unified

Custom Control Mode

Some corresponding monitoring items and control contents can be customized according to the specific control and monitoring needs of the greenhouse. The project can monitor and control analog signals, digital signals, switch signals, frequency signals, etc.

You can set personnel login patrol operation.






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