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Digital factory


Systematic introduction

The Lianghua wireless data collection management system can transmit various parameters of equipment control systems, instruments, sensors, production data and other data distributed in the enterprise to the control center remotely and centrally through the wireless communication network. The system can monitor various equipment operating parameters in real time, conduct remote control and fault diagnosis, and record historical data of equipment operation, so that users can maintain the equipment in advance through cloud database parameters, It can automatically receive the operation fault alarm signal of the equipment, push the alarm signal (SMS or voice) to the relevant person in charge, and handle the alarm signal in a timely manner.


System Software Funct ion 


Intelligent Monitoring Platform

The system conducts comprehensive and detailed statistics on the energy use of the enterprise through monitoring equipment, providing real-time and accurate data basis for the energy management of the enterprise.

Detection of Electric Energy Medium

Through the data collected by the detection equipment, analyze and calculate the indicators such as the harmonic and variation of electric energy, the three balance degree, current, voltage deviation, etc., to provide a basis for the diagnosis of power quality of enterprises.



Cloud Platform Monitoring

The system has a cloud platform monitoring module, which can directly count various energy media data information, and can simply and intuitively reflect the energy consumption of the whole plant.

Abnormal alarm

The system has an automatic alarm function, which presets the maximum consumption of the energy consumption medium of the equipment. If it exceeds, the system will automatically alarm. If the alarm prompt is not processed, the alarm prompt will be displayed in real time.



Intelligent short message

The software is equipped with an intelligent short message notification system. The alarm prompt will notify the relevant persons in time, greatly reducing the security risks and instructions, and the implementation is simple, convenient, safe and reliable.

User Management Platform

Users in the system can add, delete, modify, check and other common system operations according to their own permissions. The system administrator can assign management accounts to enterprises to enhance the security of enterprise information.



Device management

The system covers different equipment in the whole plant, which can be managed through platform integration, and can master the running status of equipment in real time, saving time and facilitating management

System Configuration

Field acquisition

Data collection of various production processes on site

Various on-site automatic control equipment, including PLC data acquisition

Various measurable real-time physical quantities on site are converted into transmissible digital signals by sensors for acquisition

Management Platform

Data rendering and data recording of the server or cloud platform, input them into the analysis engine,

Measures are taken to convert the results of in-depth analysis into operable real-time information.

Data tr ansmiss ion

Wireless WAN implementation method, 4G/GPRS

The communication protocol adopts Modbus or Ethernet

The transmission mode is wired and wireless. Wireless can be divided into LAN or WAN.

Wireless transparent radio, wireless LAN implementation method, low-cost ad hoc network.

Transmit digital signals to the user's terminal server or cloud platform through wired or wireless means.


System characteristics

Real time monitoring of equipment operation status

The interface is simple and intuitive, giving users a convenient operating experience

Centralized management of data information to realize instant storage of energy data

Real time energy consumption monitoring and analysis of equipment process parameters to generate visual data charts

Save labor costs, improve work quality and improve enterprise management efficiency

Communication sproducts





At present, the boiler room provides medium and large scale district heating, which will have different heating areas, heating heat or heating time needs. For example, office buildings, teaching buildings, production workshops, dormitories, residential buildings, etc. The heating time and temperature in these areas may be different. The traditional way is to transport by a unified main pipe or separate by branches, which will cause uneven cooling and heating and excessive heat loss. The intelligent heating energy saving control system adopts district, time sharing and temperature sharing heating control technologies. It is usually applied to regional buildings or single building with different heating time, different heating temperature requirements, unattended at night or during holidays. It implements time division and remote temperature control to ensure the heating effect and achieve the purpose of energy conservation and consumption reduction.

Systematic Introduct ion

Under the condition of ensuring that the heating meets the standard, the system adopts the accurate control mode of time division, area division and temperature division to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction, and the saving effect can be reduced by 20% on the basis of the original energy consumption. The system is applicable to factories, schools, office buildings, storage plants and other medium-sized and large-scale places. It can be installed in the new heating system, or the old heating system can be retrofitted for energy conservation.


220V AC power supply;

The power consumption of the main system is less than 20W;

The temperature control error is less than 1 ° C;

Support 1-20 electronic control valves;

1 10/100M Ethernet interface, capable of remote network management;

Operating ambient temperature 0 (optional - 30) ° C to+50 "C; humidity 0 to 90%;

Reduce heating time by 70% ^ 80% in office and teaching places, and save energy by 30%~40%.

Performance indi cators

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